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    Self floating pipe

    Self floating pipe

    Specifications of the UHMWPE self floating pipe:

    Self floating pipe include: UHMWPE pipe and MDPE floats

    UHMWPE pipe material: UHMWPE 

    Dimension of the UHMWPE pipe: 


    Wall thickness: 5~50mm

    Length: As request

    UHMWPE <a href='http://www.241rmrct.icu' target='_blank' style='color:#0000FF; text-decoration:underline;'>floating pipe</a>

    MDPE floats dimension:

    Floats Material: The shell is MDPE, Inside is PU foam

    Floats Size:ID150MM-1200MM

    Floats Color:Yellow and Orange or Customerization.


    Net Buoyance : 200kg-8180kg


    Packing:Nude or as per your requirement.

    Delivery terms:FOB,CFR,CIF

    Payment:TT,L/C, Western Union,Cash

    Delivery Time:Within 10 days or upon your quantity.

     Advantage:Extremely high wear resistance, high impact resistance,Corrosion resistance,Good self-lubrication

    UHMWPE floating pipe

    Welcome inquiry on self floating pipe to cocoyuan@buoyandpipe.com mobile number: 8618963565160  whatsapp/viber: 8615224285781 skype/wechat: cocoonline2

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